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Lab Alumni

Former Faculty Members

Dr. Janice Deakin Provost & Vice-President (Academic) at Western University

Former Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Jennifer Turnnidge (2017-2019) Professional development and educational scholarship at Queen's University 

Dr. Ian Cowburn (2015-2016) Senior Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University

Dr. Blair Evans (2014-2015) Assistant professor at Penn State University

Dr. Karl Erickson (2013) Assistant professor at Michigan State University

Dr. David J. Hancock (2011-2013) Assistant professor at Indiana University-Kokomo

Dr. Mark W. Bruner (2008-2010) Associate professor at Nipissing University

Dr. Leisha Strachan (2008-2009) Assistant professor at University of Manitoba

Dr. Jessica Fraser-Thomas (2006-2007) Assistant professor at York University

Dr. Bradley Young (2005-2006) Associate professor at University of Ottawa

Former Doctoral Students 

Dr. Veronica Allan (2014-2018) Postdoctoral fellow at York University 

PhD Thesis: From knowledge to action: Quality participation and coaching effectiveness in disability sport

Dr. Jennifer Turnnidge (2012-2017) Professional development and educational scholarship at Queen's University

PhD Thesis: An exploration of coaches' leadership behaviours in youth sport

Dr. Matthew Vierimaa (2012-2016) Assistant professor at Utah State University

PhD Thesis: Just for the fun of it: An integrative case study of positive youth development in a recreational community sport program

Dr. Karl Erickson (2009-2013) Assistant professor at Michigan State University

PhD Thesis: Interpersonal interactions and athlete development in different youth sport contexts [PDF] 

Dr. Dany MacDonald (2006-2010) Assistant professor at University of Prince Edward Island

PhD Thesis: The role of enjoyment, motivational climate, and coach training in promoting the positive development of young athletes [PDF]

Dr. Leisha Strachan (2004-2008) Assistant professor at University of Manitoba

PhD Thesis: An ecological approach to examining positive youth development in competitive youth sport [PDF]

Dr. Jessica Fraser-Thomas (2002-2006) Assistant professor at York University

PhD Thesis: An in-depth analysis of youth sport dropout and prolonged engagement

Dr. Joe Baker (1999-2003) Associate professor at York University

PhD Thesis: Factors affecting the acquisition and maintenance of expertise in male ultra-endurance triathletes

Former Masters Students

Cailie McGuire (2018-2020) MSc Thesis: Perceiving and experiencing subgroups in sport: A conceptual and qualitative approach

Alex Murata (2018-2019) MSc Thesis: Why sport? An examination of youth sport program consumption behaviours in Canadian ice hockey parents

Julie-Anne Staehli (2017-2020) MSc Thesis: A blueprint for student-athlete success: Understanding the conditions implemented by university coaches

Jordan Chen (2017-2020) MSc Thesis: Assessing the impact and the delivery of the Transformation Coaching workshop in Para sport

Daniel Goldman (2017-2020) MSc Thesis: Athlete perceptions of "playing up" in youth soccer

Christopher Hague (2017-2019) MSc Thesis: Assessing the effectiveness of a Transformational Coaching workshop on athlete outcomes

Madison Robertson (2017-2019) MSc Thesis: Using social identity mapping to understand the implications of student-athlete group compatibility

Chantal Rochon (2016-2018) MSc Thesis: Examining factors that influence youth sport coaches' transformational leadership behaviours

Kelsey Saizew (2016-2018) MSc Thesis: An examination of team structure and its implications for subgroups in an individual sport setting

Sarah Lawrason (2016-2018) MSc Thesis: Assessing the effectiveness of a Transformational Coaching workshop for changing youth sport coaches' behaviours

Jordan Herbison (2014-2016) MSc Thesis: Achievement despite adversity: A qualitative investigation of undrafted National Hockey League players

Matthew McGuckin (2014-2016) MSc Thesis: Youth sport coaches' reflection on leadership behaviours during games and practices

Jordan Lefebvre (2014-2016) MSc Thesis: A systematic observation of coach leadership behaviours in youth sport

Michelle McCalpin (2013-2015) MSc Thesis: Exploring Young Female Athletes' Perceptions of Their Modified Sport Environment [PDF]

Veronica Allan (2013-2014) MSc Thesis: Examining the role of coaches' emotions in the adolescent team sport environment [PDF]

Ashley Adler (2013-2014) MSc Thesis: An Examination into Bullying in the Adolescent Sport Context [PDF]

Renee Matte (2012-2014) MSc Thesis: Distinguishing between dual roles: A mixed-methods examination of the perceptions and behaviours of coaches working in recreational and competitive synchronized swimming environments [PDF]

Sara Buckham (2011-2013) MSc Thesis: An Exploratory Examination of Coach-Athlete Interactions in Adolescent Team Sport [PDF]

Faizan Imtiaz (2011-2013) MSc Thesis: Examining the Experiences of Athletes in Adult-led and Peer-led Youth Sport [PDF]

Matthew Vierimaa (2010-2012) MSc Thesis: An exploratory examination of sociometric status, athlete behaviour, and sport competence in adolescent female volleyball [PDF]

Jennifer Murphy-Mills (2009-2011) MSc Thesis: An Examination of Coach-Athlete Interactions in a Model Sport Program for Athletes with Disabilities [PDF]

Shea Balish (2009-2011) MSc Thesis: The Influence of Community on Athletic Development: An Integrated Case Study [PDF]

Colleen Coakley (2009-2011) MSc Thesis: Towards an Understanding of Young Athletes' Perceptions of Competence, Confidence, Connection, and Character [PDF]

Brian Wilson (2007-2011)

Karl Erickson (2007-2009) MA Thesis: State space grids: First application of a novel methodology to examine coach-athlete interactions in competitive youth sport. [PDF]

Jonathan Hall (2005-2007) MA Thesis: The influence of sport type and interdependence on the growth experiences of young male athletes [PDF]

Scott Wilkes (2004-2006) MA Thesis: The growth experiences of females in structured basketball programs.

Dave Korrell (2004-2006) MA Thesis: Training factors and resources throughout development that affect competition investment for female distance runners.

Dany MacDonald (2003-2005) MA Thesis: Tracing physical activity patterns in master athletes and sedentary seniors.

Michael Wall (2002-2004) MA Thesis: The influence of early sport participation and parental involvement on sport investment decisions.

Jennifer Robertson-Wilson (2000-2002)

M. Beamer (1999-2001) MA Thesis: The development of expertise in rhythmic gymnastics.

Peter Soberlak (1999-2001) MA Thesis: A retrospective analysis of the development and motivation of professional ice hockey players.

Andrew Wright (1999-2001) MA Thesis: A retrospective analysis of leadership development through sport.