Noise & Nuisance Party Bylaws in Kingston

Understanding Bylaws can help you to make responsible decisions as a member of the Queen’s and Kingston communities. Following local Bylaws fosters a safe, caring community and helps you avoid penalties, negative interactions with law enforcement or neighbours, and potential sanctions under the Student Code of Conduct.


University District Safety Initiative

The University District Safety Initiative (UDSI) was established to reduce the strain put on emergency services during times when large street parties take place, particularly during move-in, orientation week, homecoming weekend, and St. Patrick's Day.

You can find an outline of the Nuisance Party Bylaw, the University District Safety Initiative, Administrative Monetary Penalties and how to host responsibly here. 

You can read more about the City of Kingston UDSI here.

Student Conduct Office - UDSI

Noise Bylaw

Noise Bylaws are in place to reduce excessive noise in residential areas. Show consideration for others by being mindful of noise levels at all hours. Minimize disruption and avoid fines by: 

  • Keeping social gatherings inside and closing doors and windows to contain noise.  

  • Being aware of shared walls. 

  • Avoiding yelling, slamming doors, and honking horns.

Any amplified music or sound causing disturbance, and any persistent noisemaking by a household pet, is prohibited at all times. 

City of Kingston - Noise Bylaw

Nuisance Party Bylaw

The Nuisance Party Bylaw was put into effect by the City of Kingston in 2018. You can read an outline of the bylaws purpose and how you might be subject to it here.

City of Kingston Nuisance Party Bylaw

Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs)

Administrative Monetary Penalties (AMPs) were implemented in 2020 to more effectively deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are found participating in nuisance behaviour you may receive a penalty notice instead of a Provincial Offences Act ticket. A list of AMPs can be found here.

City of Kingston AMPs