Utilities Kingston - A Student Guide 

Utilities Kingston provides water and wastewater services in the city of Kingston, natural gas services in central Kingston, and electricity services in central Kingston, CFB Kingston and Barriefield Village. View a link to their service area.  

Unless utilities are included in your rent, you will need to set up a Utilities Kingston account, in these service areas.  

(Gas customers in the west and east ends of the city are served by Enbridge Gas, while electricity customers in these areas are serviced by Hydro One.) 

A Utilities Kingston customer service representative can help estimate your monthly utility cost for budgeting purposes before you move in. Just call 613-546-0000, Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM.


Opening Your Account

You can open your Utilities Kingston account online. Once you receive your first bill in the mail you can sign up to receive your bills electronically. You can pay directly through your bank each month or set up a preauthorized debit plan to pay your utilities bills automatically. Paying a bill online is like paying tuition, check out how to set up a bill payee on your bank's website.  

Tip: Having one roommate pay your utility bill can help avoid multiple payments   

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Understanding Your Utility Bill

You can visit the Ontario Energy Board for an example of how to read your electricity bill or you can contact a Utilities Kingston customer service representative at 613-546-0000 who will explain the charges on your bill

Usage: Your usage is exactly what it sounds like - the cost of the utilities you are using in your home. 

Application fees: These fees cover the costs of having the utilities delivered to your home safely & effectively (i.e., having your toilets hooked up to the city sewer system). Information to open or close your account - Utilities Kingston

Deposit: Utilities Kingston collects a deposit, which is charged on your first six monthly bills, as 'insurance' for them if you happen to default on your bills. However, the deposit will be returned to you when you close your Utilities Kingston account (provided you pay all your bills and don’t have outstanding utilities Kingston fees!). There are also several ways you can qualify to have your deposit waived. Residential security deposit requirements - Utilities Kingston

How To Pay Your Utility Bill

After setting up your account, you will receive your utility bills in the mail every month.  

After you receive and pay your first bill, you can set up your online ‘MyUtilities’ account so you can sign up for e-billing and view your utilities usages online. To get started, you'll need your account number and the amount of the most recent payment you made to Utilities Kingston. 

There are several ways you can pay your utility bill each month: 

  • Pre-authorized debit plan (will automatically withdraw from your bank account) 

  • Select Utilities Kingston as a payee for bills through your bank & pay your bill manually monthly 

  • Pay manually by credit card through Payments (subject to 1.75% fee) 

  • Mail or drop off a cheque each month 

  • Payments can also be made at City Hall – cash, cheque or debit. 

  • More ways to pay

For instructions for how to set up Utilities Kingston as a payee, click on the link to your bank (hint: it is the same process as paying tuition).






Tips for Reducing Your Utility Bill

For more conservation tips, or reach out to Utilities Kingston by phone for personalized advice.

  • If you need to replace your light bulbs, choose ones with a lower wattage to help conserve electricity. LED light bulbs are an excellent choice!  

  • Electronic devices left plugged in, even when turned off, still draw power. That’s called phantom power or standby power, and it's costing you money. By reducing this unnecessary power use, you could help save up to 15% of your electricity use!   

  • Use your washing machine and dishwasher with full loads and on shorter cycles when possible to conserve water.  

  • Run your washing machine and dish washer during off peak times (later in the evening and on weekends)  

  • Using cold water in your washing machine saves a tremendous amount of electricity; 85-90% of the washer's electricity is used to heat the water.  

  • If you have a programmable thermostat, Utilities Kingston recommends setting your heat during winter months to 20°C when you are home and 18°C overnight or when away. In the summer, set the A/C to 25°C when you are home and 28°C when away.  

  • Leaky taps can end up costing you a substantial amount on your water bill. If you notice any leaky taps, speak to your landlord about having them fixed.  

  • Get yourself some slippers – keeping your feet warm can help keep the rest of you warm!  

  • Pick up some window plastic from a hardware store – it can help reduce heat loss through old windows and is very easy to apply (all you need is scissors and a hair dryer)  

  • Close your curtains at night in the winter, and during the day in the summer – keep the cold and heat outside.