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Consideration of the Temporary Suspension of Admissions for the Physical & Health Education Program

Commitment to Students

No matter what the outcome is, the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies along with the Faculty of Arts and Science commits the following:

• No effect on current students, or students starting in 2016.
• Keep the unique experience of SKHS students.
• Keep emphasis on experiential learning (e.g. new internship coordinator).
• Keep strong social science/socio cultural stream of courses (e.g. two new faculty members).
• Better use of faculty complement; better use of current strengths.

Rationale from the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies

There are several factors that led to the faculty within the School of Kinesiology and Health Studies to vote in favour of suspending admissions to the program. Changes to the program and the school have taken place over the last 10 years with continued input from the students which include curriculum changes, changing the name of the school, the separation of Queen's Athletics and the academic programs and where alumni are finding work. The main considerations in this decision were:

  1. The similarity between PHE and KIN programs in SKHS;
  2. Application trends in PHE and KIN;
  3. SKHS external review process;
  4. The changing landscape of PHE and KIN professions;
  5. SKHS no longer offers traditional physical education activity courses (e.g. sport skills).

The School presented their rationale at a Town Hall with students on October 22, 2015. [view the slides from the presentation]


 Summer / Fall 2015 - Preliminary consultations

External stakeholders (through external reviewers and accreditation bodies), alumni (through email, phone, homecoming breakfast and in-person meetings), Faculty Board (other academic units), students (through Faculty board, email and town hall), Provost and faculty of SKHS

December / January 2016 – (if consultations lead to suspension) the Dean will announce at Faculty Board the 1 year temporary suspension

The Dean's rationale for her decision (either way) will be posted.

Which would take affect September 2017 – September 2018

January 26th – (if consultations lead to suspension) the Dean will announce at Senate the 1 year temporary suspension

February 2016 – meeting dates TBC

Dean to conduct any follow up consultations required (one-on-one meetings with stakeholders (including students) still wanting to present information related to the decision)

On or before June 2016 – the Dean to notify Provost and Senate further intentions regarding the temporary suspension

·         to extend the temporary suspension by a further 2 years (maximum).

·         to lift the temporary suspension and resume admissions to the original Program.

·         to lift the temporary suspension and resume admissions to a revised/restructured Program [note: restructuring/revision may involve major modifications to a Program which, as defined by QUQAPs, will require approval by SCAD and Senate. Additional approvals by COU Quality Council (and an external accreditation body in the case of a professional Program) may also be necessary].

·         to consider closure of Programs in accordance with the Senate approved Policy and Procedures for the closure of Academic Programs


Dean, Faculty of Arts and Science

To provide rationale and comment on the temporary suspension of admissions to the program please email the Dean of the Faculty Arts and Science. These emails will be referenced in her formulating the decision.


University Secretariat
*for questions or concerns about the Policy and Procedures for the Closure of Academic Programs

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