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Open Enrollment begins August 23

Open Enrollment begins August 23

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Why study at Queen's U?

Why study at Queen's University?

Acquire skills. Gain Experience. Go Global. That's a degree from Queen's University. A perfect size city, a great mix of academic excellence and social opportunities, and most importantly a place where you belong.

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Students choose Queen’s Arts and Science because they want to excel. And they do. You will be surrounded by bright and motivated peers, taught by some of the finest academics in the world, combined with a student experience like no other.

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Important Dates, Deadlines Queen's University Faculty of Arts and Science Students Undergraduate
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Certainly it is true that “A” students tend to get scholarships.  But it is important to remember that many of our scholarships use grades as just one criterion when assessing you for scholarships:  research experience, job experience, and evidence of communication, leadership and interpersonal skills are all important components, particularly for...

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ArtSci Online

Join a community of learners enrolled in online courses and programs at Queen's University. For full-time, part-time and on-campus students. Over 60 online courses in humanities, social sciences and...

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Wonder what our residences look like? Need to know about athletics at Queen's? Or just want an overview of Queen's?

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