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Records Management and Privacy Office

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Store Records

Records and documents that are no longer used frequently can be placed in storage in the interests of saving office space.  When storing hardcopy records on campus, do not store boxes in areas where they may be insecure, where they may be moved without the unit’s knowledge, or where they could be exposed to hazards such as water or pests.

Electronic records with a long or permanent retention period should be retained on the University's network so that they are maintained through system upgrades and do not become unavailable due to software or hardware obsolescence. They should not be stored on removable media—such as floppy disks, USB drives, or external hard drives—which are easily lost (and thus present a security problem), or easily forgotten (and thus will become quickly unreadable).

Offsite Storage

The University’s preferred supplier for offsite records and document storage is Iron Mountain. Follow the instructions to get started.

Move Records to Iron Mountain
​Users will request initial pickup through the online portal once a transfer number has been provided and boxes entered online. Only records that have a disposal date under an authorized records retention schedule should be moved to offsite storage.

Move Boxes to Iron Mountain - Checklist

Order Boxes
Hardcopy records are usually stored in 1.2 cubic-foot boxes (also known as bankers boxes). Boxes with pre-printed barcodes can be ordered directly from Iron Mountain. 

How to Order Boxes from Iron Mountain

Retrieve Records from Iron Mountain
Iron Mountain will provide next-day delivery for requests to return records to Queen's. The request needs to be with Iron Mountain by 3.30 PM. To help keep costs down Iron Mountain has agreed to let Queen's use its own courier for transfer of records to and from Iron Mountain. The preferred courier is UPS to ship either way between Queen's and Iron Mountain's storage facility.

How to Retrieve Records from Iron Mountain