In addition to courses offered through the HR Learning Catalogue, the Records Management and Privacy Office offers three online courses addressing access to information, protection of privacy, and records management. These courses will be added to your employee Training Record (through Human Rights and Equity’s Training Manager platform).

You can take these courses as many times as you wish. Work through them at your own pace and then take the final quiz. Your answers and final score are not recorded; only completion of the course is recorded in your Training Record. You will receive a certificate of completion for each course.

Faculty and staff involved in research should consider taking the Foundations of Privacy in Research course available through the Vice-Principal Research office.

Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy: An Overview

This online course is a primer for all employees on the university's legislated responsibilities for access to information and protection of privacy.

The course should take approximately one hour to complete.

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Access and Privacy at Queen's University: An In-depth Look

This online course provides employees with an advanced understanding of access and privacy in the workplace. The course covers what employees can expect if they are involved in an access to information request, and provides helpful guidance in protecting privacy of personal information. 


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Records Management Basics



This online course covers numerous aspects of records management at Queen’s University. The intention is to give employees a good grounding in handling both paper and electronic records in order to assist them in their day-to-day work.


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