Classify Records

The Directory of Records provides a file classification scheme for the organization of university records in all media. Organized records are easy to file and to retrieve when needed.  Departments and units should use this scheme to develop a classification plan specific to their own records.  Using the pre-determined scheme has the advantage of being linked to the Records Retention Schedules which tell you how long to keep the records and when and how to dispose of them.

The file classification plan lists the records in a particular department or unit. It should be reviewed and updated regularly so that any new types or series of records are included and obsolete classifications are removed. The completed file classification plan tells everyone in the department or unit where to file documents in paper files and in electronic files and folders. In addition, it would be used for:

  • creating labels for paper file folders in a paper filing system
  • creating a shared directory structure for the unit
  • creating a folder structure for email
  • filing documents within paper and electronic files and folders