QDocs 2.0, the Queen's enterprise EDRMS

With QDocs 2.0, users can expect accurate and timely management of records and documents, which will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the way we work. Here are some benefits that QDocs 2.0 offers:

  • Centralized Storage: QDocs 2.0 will provide a centralized storage solution for university records and documents. This will make it easier for staff and faculty members to access and retrieve the information they need.
  • Enhanced Search and Retrieval: The new technology implemented in QDocs 2.0 will offer advanced search capabilities, allowing users to quickly locate records or documents based on keywords, metadata, or other relevant criteria. This feature will save time and effort that would otherwise be spent searching through physical or digital files.
  • Security and Compliance: A robust EDRMS like QDocs 2.0 prioritizes data security and compliance with relevant regulations. The system will incorporate encryption, access controls, and other security measures to protect sensitive information. It also automates record retention and disposal, supporting recordkeeping compliance.

Contact the Queen’s Records Manager if you would like to learn more and discuss joining the initial phases of the launch of QDocs 2.0.