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How is Supplementary Information used?

We review and update our Supplementary Information requirements on a regular basis to ensure applicants have a meaningful platform to share additional information not available through their grades.

Admission at Queen's is very competitive, and we may use Supplementary Information including the Supplementary Essay (SE), Audition, or Portfolio in addition to your academic record to help make admission decisions. Each applicant to Queen’s has a unique To-Do List, detailing exactly what we need to round out your application. Please review your To-Do List (and the due dates) in your SOLUS Student Centre. 

If you have applied to one of the programs mentioned below and your grades place you above a minimum admission average (as determined by Queen's), we will use your Supplementary Information to learn more about you. Based on your Supplementary Information and your grades, you may be selected for an offer of admission. 

The minimum admission average and the number of students selected based on the Supplementary Essay varies from year-to-year and is dependent on the number of applicants to the program, the academic strength of the applicants in a given year, and the number of spaces available. The unique demand of the program and the admission circumstances in a given year are also taken into consideration. 

A note about the Supplementary Essay question

Once an applicant accesses their Supplementary Essay, these essay questions will remain valid for 30 days. If the student does not complete and submit their Supplementary Essays within the 30 days, the questions will change and their work will be lost. 

Please note: The Supplementary Essay will open as of November 1. Please use the link available in SOLUS to access and submit your Supplementary Essay on or after this date.

Commerce and Health Sciences

For the Commerce and Health Sciences programs, the Supplementary Essay is required and the last date to submit is February 15th. Queen’s will not accept late submissions. 

For the Upper Year Commerce program, the Supplementary Essay is required. Please note the required SE questions will not change for this application. The SE will be available the first week of March, and must be completed by June 15th. Queen’s will not accept late submissions.  


We recommend you complete and submit the Supplementary Essay; however, applicants to Nursing who have not submitted the Supplementary Essay will be considered equally for admission to Queen’s. For applicants who fall within a critical range, we may consider your Supplementary Essay, in support of your application to the program.

AST Nursing

For applicants to the Advanced Standing Track (AST) Nursing Science program, the Supplementary Essay is required and must be submitted by February 15.

Music, Concurrent Education Music and Music Theatre

Applicants to the Bachelor of Music, Concurrent Education Music, and the Bachelor of Music Theatre programs are required to audition. For details on the audition, please visit https://sdm.queensu.ca/applying-to-the-dan-school/

Fine Art (Visual Art) and Concurrent Education Fine Art (Visual Art)

Applicants to the Bachelor of Fine Art (Visual Art) and Concurrent Education Fine Art (Visual Art) programs are required to submit a portfolio no later than February 15th. For details on the portfolio, please visit https://www.queensu.ca/bfa/admissions


Note: Please do not submit additional information (e.g. letters of reference, certifications) as they will not be considered by the Admission Committee and will be destroyed. 



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