Meet the class of 1920...and 2020

A 1916 archival photo of members of Arts 1920.

Queen's University Archives

In September 1916, first-year registration at Queen’s University was just 270.

Across all years, there were 1316 students, down from 1969 in the previous year. Principal Gordon’s report to the Board of Trustees noted that, due to the war, registration was down across all faculties – except Medicine – by 60%.

The Faculty of Applied Science had just nine first-year students and 93 students across all years.

The class of Arts 1920 began with 102 members: 52 men and 50 women.

In October 1916, theQueen’s Journal reported on successful “Freshman” and “Freshette” receptions to introduce new students to their upper-year colleagues.

Meet the class of 2020

In September, Queen’s welcomed 4,517 new undergraduate students to its Kingston and Bader International Study Centre (BISC) sites.

Queen’s received nearly 34,000 applications for the 4,517 first-year spaces.

Members of the class of 2020 had an average of 88.8 per cent in their high school classes.

New undergraduate students come from all ten provinces, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.

Female students make up just over 60 per cent of the first-year cohort.

4.3% of students self-identify as the first generation in their family to pursue post-secondary education.

1.6% of new students identify as Aboriginal.

There are 438 international students in the class of 2020.

13% of the class attended high school outside of Canada in one of 44 different countries and 29 American states.

Meet our new graduate and professional students

There are 1,404 new students: 1,178 master’s students, 200 doctoral students, and 26 graduate diploma students.

40% of new graduate students are in the Faculty of Arts and Science, followed by Faculty of Health Sciences (27%), and Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering (14%).

246 are international students, hailing from 43 different countries.

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