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Time, talent, and treasure

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Year end is often a time of self-reflection, and this was the case this past December for our QUAA Board of Directors – as we came together virtually to reflect on the time, talent, and treasure that Queen’s community members dedicated over the last year to advance the work and goals of the university.

In 2021, countless Queen’s community members volunteered their time to join mentorship and networking initiatives, organize events, participate in working groups, and seek to build a better community. Our alumni volunteers – like Trustees and University Council members – shared their talent by leveraging their expertise to help the university navigate yet another uncertainty-filled year. And lastly, many others – like former QUAA President, Jeremy Mosher (Artsci’08) and his partner, Dr. Andrea Mosher (Artsci’08) – decided to donate their treasure to further support the university and its students.

While Omicron has resulted in a challenging start to 2022, I remain optimistic about the year ahead. One of the reasons I remain optimistic is due to the outstanding resilience, leadership, and innovation I see among Queen’s community members –talent deserving of recognition. After putting the QUAA Gala Awards on pause last year, I look forward to celebrating the 2022 slate of Alumni Award recipients, all of whom embody each of these qualities and more – from philanthropic leadership to health-care advocacy, and exceptional volunteerism.

Another reason I remain optimistic is due to the resumption and reimagination of student activities – as evidenced by the record number of applications we received from student groups in our latest QUAA Grants cycle. In light of the need for support, the topic of philanthropy, or treasure, is unsurprisingly at the forefront of our work as a Board in 2022 – integrating it into Alumni Volunteer Series programming and inspiring a goal of 100 per cent giving participation among various groups of Alumni volunteers.

It is during challenging times like these that we are especially grateful to belong to the Queen’s community. As we continue to navigate the uncertainties of the pandemic, the Queen’s magic is kept alive by the unwavering commitment of all of you. And for all that you do and will continue to do, I am inspired, optimistic, and have much to look forward to in the year ahead.

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