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You Wrote: August 2021

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Illustration by Sol Gotti

Congratulations on the redesign of Queen’s Alumni Review. While I’m not a Queen’s alumnus, I read the Review cover to cover and I’ve held onto the issue for inspiration. The profiles of your newest Canada Research Chairs were especially well done. Clearly a lot of time and effort went into your rebranding and you’ve set a very high bar for alumni publications. The Review has the look and feel of MIT Technology Review so you are in very good company. If the Review was on a newsstand, I’d buy it.

Jay Robb, Manager of Communications, McMaster University, Faculty of Science


Just wanted to say I really like the new visual design for the Review. Particularly the feature on Troy Day – felt very much like an issue of WIRED. Which is to say, it felt hip, energetic, and stylish.

Brendan Fell, Artsci‘08


Congratulations on the new look! Really like the update!

Tom Williams, Principal Emeritus


My copy of the Alumni Review has just reached me here in Hong Kong. The new look is terrific, my congratulations to the whole team.

With my best wishes,

Martin Baggaley, Artsci’83


So proud that my son, BSc Math, got one in the mail this week alongside mine – next gen alum.

@brave_be (via Twitter)


Andrea Gunn, former Editor of the Queen’s Alumni Review, interviewed me last year for the piece “This is what nurses do.” That piece received the 2021 Prix d’Excellence award from the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE). Being featured was an honour and the most revealing I’ve ever been about my life to anyone, let alone a worldwide community of alumni. But that is what great writers do, isn’t it? They peel away artifice and ego to get at the truth, and in my case Andrea induced a catharsis nearly 25 years in the making from when I started at Queen’s as a skittish 17-year-old. Institutional advancement happens largely because of emotional connections to Queen’s, which is borne from stories and experiences that resonate. And without Queen’s Nursing faculty demanding excellence and courage of its graduates, I doubt I would have accomplished anything of much significance at all.


Kate Kemplin, NSc’01

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