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  • Lyme Disease in Canada book cover

    Lyme Disease in Canada

    Brian Owens, Artsci'02

    As tick-borne diseases continue to threaten the health of Canadians, Brian Owens (Artsci’02) sheds some light on Lyme disease, the often-misunderstood condition that is becoming increasingly prevalent among hikers, golfers, campers, and dog walkers every year. In Lyme Disease in Canada, published this June by McNally Robinson, Owens traces the arrival of ticks in Canada and shares stories of the perils of diagnosing and treating Lyme disease and tips on how to avoid ticks – and how to remove them when you can’t avoid them.

  • Medicine Women book cover

    Medicine Women

    Dr. Alisa Yocom, Artsci'06, MSc'08

    Dr. Alisa Yocom (Artsci’06, MSc’08) came to Australia as an international student and enjoyed it so much that she decided to live there permanently. The Brisbane-based physician shares the story of her unexpected adventure – complete with joys and challenges – in Medicine Women, an anthology of short stories and letters by 20 female health-care professionals from around the globe, coming this summer from Australian publisher Change Empire.

  • Launch Your Kid book cover

    Launch Your Kid

    Jane Kristoffy, Artsci'93

    After working for more than a quarter century as an educator (and a parent), Jane Kristoffy (Artsci’93 MEd, Toronto) has amassed an arsenal of answers to the questions that keep parents up at night. She shares many of them in Launch Your Kid: How to Promote Your Child’s Academic and Personal Success (Without Being a Helicopter Parent). The book includes tips, tricks, and strategies that parents can use every day to help them “get their kids through school and prepare them for the real world.”

  • Photo of Elamin Abdelmahmoud with a white fabric background.

    Podcast Playlist

    Elamin Abdelmahmoud, Artsci'11

    Since September 2020, Elamin Abdelmahmoud (Artsci’11) has been helping Canadians figure out which podcasts to listen to by leading them on a guided tour of some of the internet’s most intriguing aural offerings. Podcast Playlist, which airs weekly on CBC Radio One and can also be found on CBC On Demand, wades through the seemingly endless array of podcasts to serve up curated excerpts exploring a new theme each week.

  • Photo of Micheal Kehler wearing a suit and smiling.

    Reimagining Masculinity

    Michael Kehler, Artsci'84, Ed'85

    Michael Kehler (Artsci’84, Ed’85 MEd, Western; PhD, Michigan State) has dedicated his career to challenging definitions of masculinity and assumptions about what it means to be a man. He shared his observations about the intersection of masculinity, education, homophobia, and body image in “Reimagining Masculinity,” his talk at TEDxYYC, in Calgary on June 24. The virtual event was dubbed “Reimagine,” as speakers introduced new perspectives on everything from access and inclusion to scientific literacy to wearable data.

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