The (UN)Changing Character of War

KCIS Conference 2023 - The (UN)Changing Character of War

KCIS Conference 2023 - The (UN)Changing Character of War

Start Date
Tuesday September 19, 2023
End Date
Thursday September 21, 2023
12:00 am - 12:00 am
Donald Gordon Hotel and Conference Centre, Kingston ON
KCIS 2023 Keynote speakers


Some of our Keynote speakers and many of our panelists have been revealed, including: Senator Rebecca Patterson as our Opening Keynote, General Wayne Eyre as our Closing Keynote.

Standing at an inflection point in history, over the past few years it has become painfully evident that a new era is upon us. From the challenges to the current rules based international system to its potential impacts on partnerships, globalization, and the environment; from new contests for influence in regions stretching from the Arctic to Europe and all across Asia; from the [un]changing character of warfare of major combat operations in Europe to multi-domain operations across the Indo-Pacific. Each of these focus and friction points offer opportunities for the development of new strategy, policy, and security and defence. KCIS 2023’s theme is ‘the [un]Changing Character of War’. 

The aim of this conference is to identify and analyze the impacts of recent major shifts in the international security environment on the changing character of war, with a particular emphasis on the current flashpoints observed in the Indo Pacific, Central Europe, as well as the impact upon human security. Though broad in its interest, this conference seeks to bring together scholars and practitioners into the spotlight of those issues that resonate across all domains related to security and defence in this new era.

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