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The Centre for International and Defence Policy at Queen’ University is an independent research institute  that facilitates peer reviewed and evidence-based research on international and defence policy issues. The opinions and analysis presented within the content these papers are solely the author’s and do not reflect the opinions and beliefs of the CIDP. or its affiliates and partners.


Volume 9, Issue 2 - April 2024

Cyberwarfare: The 'Pink Tax' of Hacking

by: Owen Wong


Volume 9, Issue 1 - February 2024

Gender-Based Disinformation: A Tool of Hybrid Warfare

by: Owen Wong


Past Briefs

Issue Title Author Date


Explaining the Readiness Crisis [PDF 733kb] 

Colonel Marcus Acosta



Military Procurement and the 2015 Election [PDF 513kb]

Kim Richard Nossal 



Partnering and Army Doctrine [PDF 386kb]

Colonel Thomas A. Crowson  2015