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8-3 Recruitment & retention


Volume 8, Issue 3 - September 2022

Recommendations for improving recruitment and retention in the Army Reserve

by: Benn Fisher, Stéfanie von Hlatky, Bibi Imre-Millei, Wesley Nicol

8-2 Thomas Turmel


Volume 8, Issue 2 - July 2022

Framing Disinformation on Social Media in Canada: An unavoidable domestic and foreign threat

by: Thomas Turmel, Royal Military College of Canada

Morgan Fox - Post-Millenials and the Canadian Armed Forces

Volume 8, Issue 1 - March 2022

Post-Millennials and the Canadian Armed Forces

by: Morgan Fox, Queen's University


Past Briefs

Issue Title Author Date


Explaining the Readiness Crisis [PDF 733kb] 

Colonel Marcus Acosta



Military Procurement and the 2015 Election [PDF 513kb]

Kim Richard Nossal 



Partnering and Army Doctrine [PDF 386kb]

Colonel Thomas A. Crowson  2015