Claxton PapersThe Claxton Papers are a series of papers on aspects of defence policy and defence management that was established by the Defence Management Studies program in the School of Policy Studies. Brooke Claxton, Canada's minister of national defence from 1946 to 1954, was largely responsible for establishing the structures, procedures and strategies of contemporary defence policy in Canada. 

Brooke Claxton photograph (previous page) by Cadet Wing Commander P. Manson of Royal Roads Military College. Circa 1950. Photograph available at Library and Archives Canada.

Edition List

Series Title Author/Editor Year Download


The F-35 and Canada: A Fighter Pilot's View

Jay "Hoss" Ballard

2014 PDF [1.1 mb]


Canada, Democracy and the F-35 

Alan Williams

2012 PDF [2.4 mb]


Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 
The influence of External Studies and Reports
on National Defence Policy - 2000-2006 

Douglas L. Bland and Richard Shimooka

2011 PDF [987 kb]


Toward Army 2040
Exploring Key Dimensions of the Global Environment 

Lieutenant-Colonel Michael Rostek, Peter Gizewski, Regan Reshke, Lieutenant-Colonel Ron Bell,
Major John Sheahan, Lieutenant-Colonel Steve Larouche

2011 PDF [588 kb]


Supporting Canadian Veterans with Disabilities
A Comparison of Financial Benefits 

Alice Aiken and Amy Buitenhuis

2011 PDF [722 kb]


Canadian Defence Industry at a Crossroads 

edited by Craig Stone

2010 Part 1 PDF [1.2 mb]
Part 2 PDF [3.3 mb]


National Approaches to Shipbuilding and Ship Procurement 

edited by Douglas L. Bland

2010 PDF [1.1 mb]


Defence Procurement Reform in Other Nations 

Lieutenant-Colonel Ross Fetterley

2009 PDF [827 kb]


Accrual Accounting and Budgeting in Defence 

Lieutenant-Colonel Ross Fetterley and
Major Richard Groves

2008 PDF [465 kb]


Between 9/11 and Khandahar: 
Attitudes of Canadian Forces Officers in Transition 

Alan Okros, Sarah Hill, Franklin Pinch

2008 PDF [573 kb]


Studies in Defence Procurement 

Lieutenant-Colonel Ross Fetterley

2006 PDF [595 kb]


Transforming National Defence Administration 

edited by Douglas L. Bland

2005 PDF [555 kb]


The Mexican Armed Forces in Transition 

Jordi Diez and Colonel Ian Nicholls (ret'd)

2005 PDF [246 kb]


Canada Without Armed Forces 

edited by Douglas L. Bland

2003 PDF [536 kb]


Legislative Audit for National Defence: 
The Canadian Experience 

Peter Kasurak

2003 PDF [198 kb]


A National Security Council for Canada? 

Jane Boulden

2000 PDF [187 kb]


Parliament, Defence Policy and the Canadian Armed Forces 

Douglas L. Bland

1999 PDF [272 kb]