The CIDP is a leading Canadian research organization that bridges the gap between academic research and policy on matters related to military and defence. The Centre’s vision is to be a trusted voice on defence and military affairs both in Canada and internationally.

The Centre has been the go-to source for matters of military and defence policy for more than 40 years. Leveraging the centre’s proximity to Canadian Forces Base Kingston, the Royal Military College of Canada, the Department of National Defence and a number of Canadian Armed Forces organizations, we draw on the expertise of more than 50 research fellows, including students, civilian and military experts, former government officials, diplomats and active-duty military officers.

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Deadline Extended - Call for Proposals | Dr. Johanna Masse
Sept 28, 2022 | New Intern from RMC
Sept 27, 2022 | Col Robert Foster IDP Talk recording.
Sept 27, 2022 | New Intern from RMC
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