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Centre for International and Defence Policy
Centre for International and Defence Policy

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The CIDP is one of Canada’s most active research centres on international security and defence policy issues. Located in the School of Policy Studies, we are committed to contributing to informed public discussion of issues in military affairs and alliances, international security, and Canadian foreign and defence policy.  Our rich and diverse team of fellows, drawn from Kingston’s two universities and beyond, include active military Visiting Defence Fellows from NATO allied forces. For more on the Centre...

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The Prince's New Uniform? 

By Luciano Arvin

Could Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman lead Saudi Arabia into becoming the gendarme of the Persian Gulf?

As mounting evidence points to Iran’s role in the attack against two Saudi Arabian oil facilities, the world waits on tenterhooks for retaliation from Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and de-facto leader, His Majesty Mohammed bin Salman. While the attack ratchets up hostilities between Saudi Arabia and Iran, it could also signal the beginning of an even more significant change: a shift in the security framework of the Persian Gulf region.

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