Dr. Stéphanie Bélanger, CD

Stéphanie Bélanger

Associate Scientific Director, CIMVHR

Chair, MPA Programme

Royal Military College of Canada


Dr. Bélanger is the associate scientific director of the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research, a unique consortium of 43 Canadian universities dedicated to researching the health needs of military personnel, Veterans and their families; and Chair of the MPA Programme at the Royal Military College of Canada where her research focuses on war testimony, soldier identity and moral injuries.She is co-editor in chief of the Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health (University of Toronto Press funded in 2015). She is also co-founder of the The New Directions in Foreign Policy, Military, and Security Studies series with McGill Queen’s University Press (MQUP, funded in 2016). She is programme chair for the North American Chapter of the International Society for Military Ethics as well as the co-editor of War Memories: Commemoration and Writings of War in the English-speaking World (MQUP 2017 – in press);  “Beyond the line: Military and Veteran Health Research” (MQUP 2013); “A New Coalition for a Challenging Battlefield” (CDA Press 2012); “Shaping the Future” (CDA Press 2011) as well as of “Transforming traditions: the Leadership of Women in the Canadian Navy” (CDA Press 2010). She is also author of the monograph “Guerre, sacrifices et persécutions” (Paris: L’Harmattan, 2010). She co-chairs the CIMVHR annual forums, the bi-annual conferences on War Memories (with Université de Rennes 2 and Paris VII), the annual conferences on military ethics, and she partners with many other institutes to co-host workshops. She is board chair for the Center for International and Defence Policy (CIDP). 

She was inducted as a member of the College of Young Scholars of the Royal Society of Canada in 2016. She specializes in military ethics and just war theories. She completed her PhD degree at the University of Toronto in 2003 and her MPA degree at RMCC in 2013. She has served in the Royal Canadian Navy as a reservist since 2004.

  • Ph.D. University of Toronto
  • MPA Royal Military College of Canada

Current Interests/Research:

  • Testimony as a genre and testimony of war;
  • Just War Theories, military ethics; and
  • French Literature of the Ancien Regime: theater, moralists, mystics.