March 2023 Edition



Isabella Aung


Isabella Aung | PhD Candidate/Researcher

Double Colonization: Residential Schools in Present-Day Myanmar


As Indigenous populations in Canada grapple with the intergenerational effects of the residential school system, ethnic minorities in Myanmar also struggle with cultural erasure and forced assimilation through residential schools.


Publication - Population & Security | Feb. 17, 2023

peter Kasurak


Peter Kasurak | CIDP Fellow

S.2 Episode 11: A National Force

Steve speaks with Peter Kasurak, Fellow at the Centre for International Defence Policy (CIDP) at Queen’s University about his book “A National Force: The Evolution of Canada’s Army, 1950-2000.

Podcast Episode - Battle Rhythm | Nov. 22, 2022

Christ Kilford


Chris Kilford | CIDP Fellow

Stephanie Martel


Stéphanie Martel | CIDP Fellow

The Contested Meaning-Making of Diplomatic Norms: Competence in Practice in Southeast Asian Multilateralism 

The supposedly fixed set of norms within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), commonly referred to as the “ASEAN way,” is both celebrated and maligned as a key element of Southeast Asian diplomacy. In this article, we contest this orthodoxy through a practitioner-near account of ASEAN diplomatic norms in practice.

Publication - European Journal of International | Oct. 29, 2022

Canada's Indo-Pacific Strategy: Analysis From Our Network

The IPS is an impressive, comprehensive document that tackles a broad spectrum of issue-areas, outlines a much clearer direction to our engagement of various sub-regions and partners, with resources to match. It includes several promising, creative initiatives that will bolster Canada’s visibility in the region.

Publication - Asia-Pacific Foundation of Canada | 2022

Developing a Multi-Domain Approach to New Areas of Confrontation 

Technological proliferation, emergence of new spaces, and multidimensional threats—what do these concepts mean and what do they imply? This panel will elucidate both questions by exploring the implications of these new threats for Canada, its people, and its position in the world.

Video recording of presentation - Network for Strategic Analysis | September 2022

Ottawa’s Indo-Pacific Strategy: National Interests and Regional Responses

Video recording of presentation - East Asia Strategy Forum | November 1, 2022

Grazia Scoppio


Grazia Scoppio | CIDP Fellow

The Power of Diversity in the Armed Forces. International Perspectives on Immigrant Participation in the Military

The Power of Diversity in the Armed Forces investigates how different countries approach the inclusion or exclusion of immigrants in their armed forces and offers immigrant military participation as a pathway to citizenship and a way to foster greater societal integration and achieve a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive military.

Video of Presentation - From the Margins and Outside the Box  | Dec. 1 2022

Immigrants willing to serve: Stories of immigrant soldiers in the Canadian Armed Forces

Video of Presentation - Conference of the Inter-University Seminar on Armed Forces and Society | October 2022

Maxim Starchak


Maxim Starchak | CIDP Fellow

Russia Reconsiders Its Air Defense Strategy

In his newest article Maxim argues that the effectiveness of Russia's air defense capabilities have been brought into question.

Publication - Jamestown Federation | Feb. 7, 2023

Kevin D Stringer


Kevin D. Stringer | CIDP Fellow

The Global Fragility Act and the Irregular Warfare Center: A Path for Diplomacy, Defense, and Development

Wicked problems litter the security environment. They are opaque challenges, caused by multiple factors, and constantly evolving. These problems can be conceptualized through a myriad of lenses, each of which produces different possible solution sand any intervention to address the range of solutions becomes part of the ecosystem itself and any negative impact cannot be undone, only mitigated.

Publication - Irregular Warfare Center | Jan. 27, 2023

Robert Wolfe

Robert Wolfe | CIDP Fellow

Is using trade policy for foreign policy a “SNO job”? : on linkage, friend-shoring and the challenges for multilateralism

Using trade policy to achieve foreign policy objectives has a long history. Punishing enemies and rewarding friends by granting or withholding market access, sanctions or blockades are venerable forms of trade policy used as foreign policy.

Publication - European University Institute | 2022