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Welcome to Global Development Studies!

Development Studies is an exciting and evolving interdisciplinary field that examines processes of political, economic and cultural change from the grassroots to the global. What distinguishes the department of Global Development Studies at Queen's is its research-orientated program that combines strong pedagogy with cutting-edge analysis to help students explore what development means and how is it practiced in a complex and changing global context.

DEVS Learning Outcomes

  • Critically assess competing visions of development, progress and social justice
  • Conduct independent research for policy change or social transformation
  • Communicate ethically, responsibly, and effectively
  • Think self-reflexively and cross-culturally as global/”glocal” citizens

Anishinaabemowin: Gimaakwe Gchi-gkinoomaagegamig atemagad Naadowe miinwaa Anishinaabe aking

Kanien'keha (Mohawk):UNe Queen’s University e’tho nońwe nikanónhsote tsi nońwe ne Haudenasaunee tánon Anishinaabek tehatihsnónhsahere ne óhontsa.

English: DEVS affirms covenants made by our forebears to live in peace and friendship with Indigenous Peoples in their lands

For more information on the history of this land, and why it is important to acknowledge this land and its people, please see this link to the Queen's Encyclopedia:

DEVS is also proud to support the recommendations of Yakwanastahentéha Aankenjigemi Extending the Rafters: Truth and Reconciliation Commission Task Force Final Report, as well as the Report of the Principal’s Implementation Committee on Racism, Diversity, and Inclusion: