PhD Program

The Department of Global Development Studies at Queen’s University extends its innovative approach to research and teaching with its doctoral programme. This four-year PhD offers focused training and supervision to build core skills and proficiencies for development research. First, our students attain strong specialisation in the central rubrics that have shaped development studies as a field, including political economy and cultural analysis. Second, the programme grounds students in the key analytical frameworks and methodologies for conducting research on development issues. They develop core skills in designing and conducting fieldwork in cross-cultural settings and reflect on the public purposes and ethics of development research. Third, the programme cultivates strong project design and management skills for applications within and beyond academia and development practice. The degree is ideal for graduate students seeking to advance globally-orientated research in the field of development studies, particularly in the areas of political economy, cultural politics, sustainability, and global health and welfare. It provides essential skills for building careers in academia and the development field, alongside positions in public sector research and policy-making, journalism, education, teaching and education, the law and the private sector.

Programme Milestones

DEVS Programme Milestones

Fieldwork, Internships or Placements

Fieldwork, Internships or Placements

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