Admission Requirements

Bachelor of Arts students at Queen's University experience a common first year. Through self-exploration, and while you settle into university life, you have the opportunity to  uncover where your real interests are. Sometimes that discovery happens fairly quickly, and for other students it takes some work and time before the "ah-ha!" happens.  You will select your degree plan (i.e. major) at the end of your first year. When you are beginning the registration process for your second year, you will be required to request your degree concentration.

Admission to the DEVS program is based on your GPA of Queen's University courses.  Although there is a predetermined cut-off GPA for automatic automatic admission into the program, if you do not meet the automatic approval GPA, you will be added to the pending list, which we accept students with the highest grades in descending order until the degree option are full.

For additional information relating to plan selection, please review the information on the Faculty of Arts and Science website.  If you have had extenuating circumstances that have impacted your cumulative GPA, please feel free to reach out to the DEVS Undergraduate Chair or a DEVS Academic Programs Assistant prior to plan selection to discuss your options. 

To be successful as a DEVS student, we highly encourage you to register in DEVS 101 (Development Studies in Global Perspective) and DEVS 102 (Canada in the World) or DEVS 100 (Canada and the "Third" World) in your first year as this is a prerequisite for most second year DEVS courses.