Graduate Studies in Global Development

An internationally-oriented and interdisciplinary program, the MA and PhD degrees in Global Development Studies provide advanced research training for students seeking to pursue careers in government, academia, development agencies, journalism, media, teaching, business and law. With small classes and close supervision, we give students the tools they need to pursue interdisciplinary research projects on topics that they are passionate about. At the same time, we ensure they build the core analytical and communication skills sought by employers in Canada and internationally. From the grassroots to the global, our students attain the skills and knowledge needed to make an impact!

Our faculty are recognised as academic leaders in their fields and coordinate major international research projects. By bringing their active research commitments into the classroom, they provide and enriching space for our graduate cohorts. This unique classroom experience is combined with close supervision to give students the analytical tools and thematic knowledge required to conduct original research. At a Masters level, we offer both a one-year degree and a two-year advanced programme involving field research. For students keen to further advance and apply their skills, we offer the next step in research training through our four year PhD programme in Global Development Studies.

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