Master's Program

The department offers an interdisciplinary Master of Arts degree in the field of Global Development Studies. The focus of our program is academic training for development research. To do so, we presently offer two parallel streams:

  • A course-based stream that ensures the development of conceptual thinking and analytical and interpretive skills, but does not require primary research. Instead, students will complete a Major Research Paper (MRP) of 50-60 pages, based on secondary research, dealing with a specific interdisciplinary question related to the field of development studies. Time required to complete the course-based program is 10-12 months.
  • A thesis-based stream that culminates in a full Master's thesis of between 75-100 pages defended before a committee of three examiners. The thesis will demonstrate the student’s ability to produce original work using primary data often (but not necessarily) gathered through fieldwork. Time required to complete the research-based program is 18-24 months.

Students do not choose between these streams before they start the program. Instead, all students are admitted into the course-based stream with guaranteed funding for one year. Subsequently, those students interested in entering the research-based stream can apply for entry once they have begun their studies during the Fall term.

Entry into the research-based stream is dependent on having an overall average of at least A-, a clear research project and close supervisory support from a faculty member.