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We pride ourselves on bringing together a diverse group of individuals from all facets of the extractive resource industry – science, policy, economics, and more. The genesis of the program is rooted in the need for a greater variety of thought and individual representation in an industry notoriously lacking diversity, and MEERL presents an ideal setting for innovative concepts to flourish. Reach out to us today to see if this is the program for you! 

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Pie chart illustrating the academic backgrounds of our students: Engineering 44%; Science 34%, Arts 12%, Business 10%.

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Meet Our Students

Nancy Manchak, MEERL student testimonial

Nancy Manchak, MEERL, P. Eng.

Asset Integrity Engineer
Edmonton, AB

"I am excited to apply the knowledge gained through MEERL through my professional work and volunteer activities. I was recently elected as a publicly elected Senator for the University of Alberta and am specifically keen to leverage stakeholder engagement learnings from MEERL coursework with audiences beyond the natural resource sector. Overall, my aim is to keep the interdisciplinary mindset instilled through MEERL top of mind in my daily life."

Tony Knuston, MEERL student testimonial

Tony Knutson, MEERL​

Principal Analyst​
Wood Mackenzie​
Crofton, Maryland​

​"I decided to join MEERL as it fit the skill set I wanted to acquire for today's complex mining industry. I chose Queen's for its reputation as a world class mining and resource development University. The skill set you gain from a MEERL education sets you apart from other advanced degrees if you want to lead the change we are seeing in the natural resource industries."​

Kathryn Franklin, MEERL student testimonial

Kathryn Franklin​, MEERL, P. Eng.

Geological Engineer and Climate Change Lead​
BGC Engineering​
Vancouver, BC​

"If I could take MEERL again, I would. There is so much to learn about the natural resource industry and MEERL provides opportunities to learn from your classmates, while learning the course material. You also learn an incredible amount about yourself. Each course taught me something above and beyond what I expected, and I'm luckily applying them every day."​