Program Schedule

The MEERL program allows our students to combine full-time professional responsibilities from anywhere in the world, with part-time graduate studies. In this 20-month part-time program, you will take 10 courses and participate in two immersive residential sessions held in Kingston, ON and Calgary, AB.​

Dates are subject to change.​
Additional mandatory and optional workshops are not listed.​

Semester 1 1st Residential Kingston, Ontario August 16 - 20, 2021
  EERL 807 - Module 1 Technology and Innovation (During Residential) August 18 - 20, 2021
  EERL 801 Resource Life Cycle Overview August - December
  EERL 803 Economic Essentials Part 1 September - December
Semester 2 EERL 802 Strategic Leadership in the Resource Sector January - April
  EERL 805 Operating Effectively: Law, Policy, Regulation, and Ethics January - April
Semester 3 EERL 807 - Module 2 Technology and Innovation May
  EERL 811 Sector-Focused Project May - April
  EERL 810 Field-Based Synthesis (Field Trip) June - July
  2nd Residential Calgary, Alberta June or July
  EERL 804 Economic Essentials Part 2 (During Residential) June or July
Semester 4 EERL 807 - Module 3 Technology and Innovation September
  EERL 808 Mineral Life Cycle September - December
  EERL 809 Energy Life Cycle October - December
Semester 5 EERL 807 - Module 4 Technology and Innovation January
  EERL 806 Communications and Partnerships January - April

Residential Sessions

  • The first session is held at the start of the program over 5 days at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. You will get to know your classmates and instructors, begin your first courses and discover best practices to be successful in online learning​

  • The second session is held midway through the program over 8 days in Calgary, Alberta. You will complete one of your core courses in just a week, reconnect with your classmates, attend networking events and workshops. (EERL 804: Economic Essentials Part 2)​

  • There is an optional 8-day elective field trip course paired with the second session where students visit industry sites in Western Canada (EERL 810: Field-Based Synthesis)​