Name Home Institution Topic Date
Dr. Liuchen Chang University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB Distributed Energy Resources in Transition of Power Systems February 2021
Dr. Gerard Hurley National University of Ireland, Galway Challenges and Trends in Magnetics for Power Electronics January 2019
Dr. Gopakumar Kumarukuttan Nair Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India Multilevel Inverters for Drives with Minimum DC Link Power Supply April 2017
Dr. Johann Kolar Power Electronic Systems Laboratory, Switzerland Future Challenges in Power Electronics January 2015
Dr. Humberto Pinheiro Cidade Universitária, Brazil Modulation for Static Power Converters November 2014
Dr. Ali Emadi McMaster University Electrification in Transportation and Role of Power Electronics March 2013
Dr. Fujio Kurokawa University of Nagasaki, Japan Digital Power Electronics April 2012
Dr. Prasad Enjeti Texas A&M University, USA Renewable Energy Systems January 2012
Dr.Tomy Sebastien Halla Mechtronics, USA Influence of the Advances in Power Electronics, Electromagnetic Actuators and Control in Automotive Steering Systems March 2011
Dr. Hirofumi Agaki Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan Energy Storage Systems Using Bidirectional Isolated DC-DC Converters April 2010
Dr. Md Azizur Rahman Memorial University of Newfoundland Advances in IPM Technology for Hybrid Electric Vehicles June 2009
Dr. Luis Moran University of Concepción, Chile Power Quality: Is it a Real Problem in Power Distribution Systems? Analysis of Real Case and Technical Solutions January 2009
Dr. Istvan Nagy Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary Digital Power Electronics Control January 2008