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Diversity and Equity Assessment and Planning (DEAP) Tool

The DEAP Tool has been developed by Queen's Equity Services to assist Units to better understand the environments and climate relating to equity and diversity in their Units. The DEAP Tool is a self-audit tool for internal use for Units to:

  • Understand the demographic profile of their staff, faculty, and students
  • Assess how inclusive the Unit is
  • Provide an opportunity to reflect on areas in need of improvement using the Diversity Score Card assessment template
  • Support requests for resources or modifications further commitments to equity and diversity
  • Develop an action plan and timeline to enhance inclusion

The Tool also is designed to complement other administrative responsibilities such as:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Cyclical Review Process (CPR) and Queen's University Quality Assurance Process (QUQAP's)
  • Hiring and Appointments Processes
  • Implementation of the Academic Plan

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Prior to accessing the DEAP Tool, please review the following resources:

DEAP User Manual

Frequently Asked Questions

DEAP Tool Best Practices Guide


To access the DEAP Tool: DEAP Tool Online Application



Video Training Demos

#1 User Guide





#2 Logging into the Tool





#3 The Introduction





#4 The Equity Profile





#5 The Survey





#6 Goal Setting





#7 The Progress Report