Equity Services

Equity Services
Equity Services

Employment Equity Achievement Award 2019

Queen’s Human Rights and Equity Office has received the Innovation award for the third year in a row.


Our Mandate

The mandate for Equity Services is to work with Officers of the University, the Senate Education Equity Committee and the Council on Employment Equity to ensure that equity is achieved throughout the University in accordance with the Report on Principles and Priorities adopted by the Queen's Senate in 1996.

Our Advisors will:

  • Provide leadership, information and liaison on equity matters throughout the University
  • Identify throughout the University those structures, practices and policies which create inequity
  • Initiate processes to identify gaps in equity policy and to facilitate the development of new policies, procedures and programs that remove barriers to equity and ensure greater and equal participation of marginalized groups and individuals in the University
  • Identify those individuals and offices with whom particular responsibility for implementing equity rests or should rest
  • Take steps necessary to ensure those responsibilities are met and to coordinate University equity resources
  • Provide initiative in effecting cultural change throughout the institution so that equity becomes everyone's concern and responsibility.