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IDPS - How Russia’s Hybrid Warfare is Changing? (Online Lunch hour Event)

Wednesday, November 16, 2022
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
Online - via Zoom Registration
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Our Next IDP Speaker Series is with Dr. Marzena Żakowska.

This Talk aims to examine Russia's hybrid tactics below the threshold of conventional war used against Georgia and Ukraine to secure the sphere of influence by destabilizing those states' internal security and territorial integrity. The research focus is on analyzing hybrid methods used by Russia, to include: (i) "borderization" policy; (ii) separatist movement and local unrest (iii) disinformation campaign. The study's methodological framework is based on the clash of interests approach and Gerasimov's doctrine of non-linear warfare. Evidence suggests that the Georgia War of 2008 and Ukraine War of 2014-2021 best demonstrate the reality of Russia’s approach to hybrid war. However, comparison with the Ukraine War since February 2022 suggest that some hybrid war measures may be changing.

The earlier wars suggest that Russia’s hybrid tactics are the first step to "opening the door" to Outimplement a military operation in other states' territories. Russia undermines the sovereignty of the targeted states through election meddling to establish pro-Russian local government and induces widespread disinformation to build pro-Russian sentiments in the targeted society.

Brian Houtman
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