Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre

[Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre]
[Four Directions Indigenous Student Centre]

Queen’s University & Four Directions

Queen’s established FDISC in 1996 with funding from the Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities. In 2000 the centre was moved to its current location at 146 Barrie Street and in 2018 the centre was renovated and doubled in size to include 144 Barrie Street. Since its creation FDISC has acted as a home away from home for Indigenous students; offering support services, feasts, social, and cultural activities.

FDISC has also acted as a support service to the Queen’s campus for many Indigenous related activities, initiatives, and knowledge. As the primary recognizably Indigenous space on-campus many campus partners, staff, and faculty relied on FDISC to provide them services such as research assistance, teaching support, classroom presentations, outreach to community, and committee work and participation.

In 2015 Queen’s formed a TRC Task Force to respond to the national TRC Commission’s Final Report. The task force completed their work over a year which culminated with the delivery of a final report that outlined 25 specific recommendations. These recommendations are meant to serve as a guide for all departments, faculties, and units to work towards when implementing strategies regarding supporting and including Indigenous students and knowledge.

With the release of the TRC Final Report, the creation of a central Office of Indigenous Initiatives, and strategic hires of Indigenous staff and faculty in key units, FDISC is focused on providing support for Indigenous students. The staff at FDISC are developing engaging student support programming through a holistic lens and model. We look forward to partnering with units, faculty, or staff who are dedicated to Indigenous students’ success and hope this framework sparks a potential collaboration. This is a new era for FDISC and one that focuses on supporting the staff at FDISC to ensure that their expertise is utilized the best way possible.