Environmental Variability and Extremes Laboratory

Environmental Variability and Extremes Laboratory (EVEX)

EVEX research is focused on advancing our understanding of the linkages between climate, hydrology and geomorphology in permafrost landscapes. This research is driven by the need to understand how terrestrial landscapes are sensitive to climate variability and respond to permafrost change.  This is important to predict landscape stability, water quality and downstream effects in natural systems, and to contribute to land use management and protection in Arctic regions.  EVEX researchers have worked across the Canadian Arctic since 1988 and have also carried out research in Alaska and Norway.  Our approach to research is a combination of field-based studies to document processes and fluxes, along with laboratory work to measure water quality, and modelling to predict hydrological systems.  We work extensively with both watershed and lake systems and also use sedimentary records as a means to investigate long term changes.

Permafrost disturbance at Cape BountyPermafrost disturbance at Cape Bounty