Environmental Variability and Extremes Laboratory



Photo of students standing on a rock outcropping. Text in image: "EVEX students in the High Arctic".

EVEX students in the High Arctic

Postdoctoral Researchers

Benjamin Amann (Ph.D. Bern 2015) (2015-) - Paleoclimate records from High Arctic lakes

Ashley Rudy (Ph.D. Queen's 2016) (2017-) - Permafrost disturbance, Canadian Arctic

Completed Postdocs

Alexandre Normandeau (Ph.D. Laval 2015) (2015-16) - Acoustic and sidescan geomorphology of High Arctic lakes

Philip Bonnaventure (Ph.D. Ottawa 2011) (2011-13) - Permafrost state and change in the High Arctic

Ted Lewis (Ph.D. Massachusetts Amherst 2007) (2007-10) - Watershed and lake response to permafrost disturbance and climate change

Scott Barnes (2003-5) - Paleohydrology of the lower Canadian Columbia River, BC

Brandon Beierle (2002-3) - Paleolimnology of the Brock Plateau, north-central NWT

Current Graduate Students

Dan Lamhonwah (Ph.D.) - Slope water processes and hydrochemical change in the High Arctic

Maxime Boreux (Ph.D.) - Boreal varved lake systems and long term paleohydrology

Casey Beel (Ph.D.) - Landscape evolution in the High Arctic: - a fluvial perspective

Amanda Schevers (M.Sc.) - Catchment water source sensitivities: - spatial and modelling approaches to understanding runoff generation in the High Arctic

Anthony von Poppelen (M.Sc.) - Fine-scale subsidence as an indicator of localized ice presence in High Arctic soils

Jessica Peters (M.Sc.) - Subsurface water flow pathways in the High Arctic

Matthew Gillman (M.Sc.) - Slope-hyporheic-channel water dynamics in the High Arctic

Michael Pope (M.Sc.) - Mercury dynamics in High Arctic watersheds and lakes

Undergraduate Students

Maddie Harasyn (B.Sc.H.) - Groundwater seepage into High Arctic Lakes


Completed Graduate Students

Ashley Rudy (Ph.D. 2016) - Landscape patterns of permafrost degradation and disturbance in the Canadian High Arctic

Kailey Stewart (Ph.D., 2011) - Contemporary diatom communities and recent subfossil indicators of change in paired watersheds and lakes

David Fortin - (Ph.D., 2009) - High resolution reconstruction of boreal hydroclimate change

Jaclyn Cockburn (Ph.D., 2008) - Sediment transport and deposition processes in High Arctic catchments

Krystopher Chutko - (Ph.D., 2008) - Sedimentary indicators of glacial and biogenic activity, Devon Island

Jessica Tomkins (Ph.D. 2008) - Long term environmental change from varved lake sediments, Ellesmere Island

Kaitlyn Roberts (M.Sc. 2017) - Char otolith geochemistry and lake change in the High Arctic

Elizabeta Kjikerskova (M.Sc. 2016) - Long term hydroclimatic change and water source sensitivity, Apex River, Nunavut

Christopher Bolduc (M.Sc. 2015) - Thermal indicators of water source contributions in a High Arctic River

Jean Holloway (M.Sc. 2014) - Climatic and terrain controls over mud ejections in permafrost environments

Elena Favaro - (M.Sc. 2013) - Long term sediment delivery processes and response to rainfall

Anthony Bassutti (M.Sc. 2012) - Lake system response to recent climate change, Addington Highlands, Ontario

Maryse Veillette (M.Sc. 2011) - Sediment budget and transport processes following permafrost disturbance

Alison Cassidy (M.Sc. 2011) - Vegetation recovery in former permafrost disturbances

Hilary Dugan (M.Sc. 2010) - Coastal lake evolution and limnological processes in the High Arctic

Lynne Bosquet (M.Sc. 2010) - Vegetation recovery after High Arctic permafrost disturbance

Claire Kaufman (M.Sc. 2009) - Varve paleohydrology, SW Alaska

Dana MacDonald (M.Sc. 2007) - Sediment transport processes, West River, Cape Bounty

Kailey Stewart (M.Sc. 2003) - Diatom community change in a the Middle Arctic

Jaclyn Cockburn (M.Sc. 2003) - Varve paleohydrology, White Pass, BC/AK

Jessica Tomkins (M.Sc. 2003) - Varve paleohydrology, Selwyn Mountains, NWT

Andrew Forbes (M.Sc. 2002) - Sediment transport in large Middle Arctic rivers