Current Research Topics

Some of the current working topics in the Laboratory of Geographic Information and Spatial Analysis (LaGISA) are:

  • Change detection from multi-scale remotely sensed data

  • Object-based feature extraction and from high-resolution images

  • Multi-scale analysis and modelling of environmental change using remote sensing and GIS

  • Spatial and temporal analysis and modelling of infectious diseases

  • Optimization in land use planning and resource management

  • Modelling the impact of land use and climate changes on water quality

  • Air quality mapping and dynamic modelling

  • Point pattern analysis (PPA)

Major Funded Research and Training Projects (since 2008)

  • Reconstruction of Landsat time series to 1972 for nature smart climate solutions fund baseline determination (2023-2026)
    Environment and Climate Change Canada funding

  • Automated road extraction and integration across forest management units (2024-2026)
    The Forestry Futures Trust

  • Automatic change detection of landslides using remote sensing imagery (2024-2026)
    Queen's Internal PDF Fund

  • New genomics and aerial drone tools for monitoring, managing, and mitigating threats in aquatic ecosystems (2023-2026)
    NSERC alliance grant

  • Emerging Infectious Disease Modelling (EIDM) network (2021-2024)
    NSERC network grant

  • Developing new, real-time, community-based environmental DNA protocols for assessing freshwater ecosystem health (2020-2022)
    NSERC NEW Frontier

  • Spatial and social patterning of COVID-19 prevention and transmission in Canada: Investigating the impacts of risk perception and preventive behaviour on individual activity space (2020-2022)
    CIHR Operating Grant COVID-19 Rapid Research

  • Towards accurate monitoring of habitat disturbances in Canada: Implementing an AI approach to continuously monitoring caribou habitat changes (2020-2023)
    Natural Resources Canada Research Affiliate Program

  • Big data exposed: What smartphone metadata reveals about users (2020-2022)
    Queen's Wicked Idea

  • Target based multiple-scale change detection from time series remotely sensed environmental data (2019-2025)
    NSERC Discovery

  • LEaders in wAter anD watERshed Sustainability (The LEADERS Project) (2019-2025)

  • A National Research Network on Lyme Disease (2019-2023) CIHR Team Grant

  • Semi-automated tools for outlining forest resources and biomass from high resolution digital images (2015-2016)
    OCE VIP II grant

  • Effects of nitrogen deposition on CH4 emissions from paddy fields in the south area of China based on remote sensing techniques (2015-2018)
    China NSF grant

  • Methods and uncertainty modeling for land cover change detection from multi-resolution remotely sensed data. (2013-2018)
    NSERC Discovery grant

  • Image-objects Manipulation Engine (IoME): semi-automated feature extraction from Very High Resolution (VHR) remotely sensed imagery.(2013-2015)
    MITACS ELevated PDF

  • Cloud enabled object-based feature extraction tools for high resolution remotely sensed images. (2013-2014)

  • Object-based change detection for forest resources from high resolution digital images. (2013)
    NSERC Interactive

  • Rural well water contamination and human health: An investigation in Eastern Ontario. (2011-2013)
    PSI Health Research Grant

  • Developing feature extraction tools for time series of remotely sensed data. (2010-2011)
    NSERC Engage

  • Establishing a Queen's Geocomputation and Analysis Laboratory for Public Health and Disease Modeling. (2010-2013)
    CFI, OMR, Queen's

  • Measuring traffic exposure and assessing environmental equity.(2010-2012)

  • Access to primary care services after hours and during regular office hours and utilization of external health care resources.(2010-2011)
    SOAMA AHSC AFP innovation grant

  • Development of a spatial framework to enhance chronic disease surveillance (2009-2010)
    PHAC Chronic surveillance program

  • CODIGEOSIM project: Geosimulation tools for simulating spatial-temporal spread patterns and evaluating health outcomes of communicable diseases" (2008-2012)
    GEOIDE phase IV pilot project

  • Multi-scale classification error and uncertainty modeling on categorical maps.(2008-2013)
    NSERC discovery grant