Current Students and Research Members

Graduate Students


Fahime is currently working towards her second Master’s degree at Queen’s University. She previously earned her first MSc degree in GIS from K.N. Toosi University of Technology in Tehran, Iran. In addition, she holds a Bachelor's degree in Geomatics engineering from the University of Isfahan in Isfahan, Iran. Her academic pursuits and research interests encompass GIS, Social Network Analysis, Green Energy, and Data Mining.

Mohammad Hossain

Mohammad received his Bachelor’s degree in 2005 from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) and Master’s in Remote Sensing & GIS from Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand in 2014. His research aims to develop new or improve current object-based segmentation algorithms, propose a new method for segmentation evaluation and finally identify the applicability of existing classification algorithms in object-based image analysis (OBIA).

Masoud Ataabadi

Masoud is a Ph.D student in Department of Geography and Planning. He got his Master of Engineering degree in remote sensing from Univ. of Isfahan and Bachelor of Engineering from Univ. of Tehran. His research focuses on remote sensing and AI. 

Kirsten Noltie

Kirsten was an MSc and now PhD student in the department of Geography and Planning. She is interested in the spatial analysis of infectious disease using GIS and statistical modelling.

Hong Yao

Hong's research topic is “Analyzing and Modelling Regional Travel-related Energy Consumption using System Dynamics Approach”.

The aim of this study to provide an experimental simulation platform to explore the complex and interdependent relationships between the various factors affecting the travel-related energy consumption, and investigate the possible outcomes of different scenarios under alternative government policies on urban transportation energy use and other market-driven factors beyond government control.

Jiahang Yin

Jiahang is an MSc student in the Department of Geography and Planning. He received his Bachelor’s degree in GIS from the University of Toronto. Currently, He is conducting research related to disease transmission and human mobility.

Saba Tabesh

As a first-year Ph.D student, Saba have a strong background in Water Engineering, specifically focusing on remote sensing. During her Bachelor's and Master's studies at Tehran University, she conducted much research that utilized remote sensing techniques and applied them to industrial water-related projects. This experience provided her with valuable hands-on experiences in remote sensing and spatial analysis, along with exposure to various industrial projects in the field. Her academic and professional experiences have shaped her passion for remote sensing, spatial analysis, modeling, atmospheric science, and hydrology.


Jingheng is a first year master student. He received his BA in Geography from Queen's University. His research focuses on GIS, RS and urban planning.


Marina is a visiting research Ph.D student from Brazil. She is a Ph.D. candidate in the Planning and Use of Renewable Resources Program at UFSCar Sorocaba campus, SP, Brazil. Her research involves remote sensing, geoprocessing, the Atlantic Forest, forest connectivity, least-cost path, Graph Theory, Nature-based Solutions, urban green infrastructure, urban planning, and multi-criteria evaluation analysis.

Bo Wen

Bo is a visiting research Ph.D student from China.His research focuses on frozen ground environment and climate change, with particular attention to the simulation of seasonally frozen ground freezing depths and the impact of seasonally frozen ground changes on ecohydrological processes in alpine regions.

Undergraduate Students



Xuanqi Wang

Postdoctoral Fellows

Ilia Parshakov

Ilia is currently a postdoctoral fellow. He got his Ph.D degree from the University of Lethbridge, Alberta.  His research focuses on forest disturbance mapping and monitoring using time-series satellite data, including optical (Landsat, Sentinel-2, and PlanetScope), SAR (Sentinel-1), and LiDAR (GEDI) data. His research goals are to 1) develop the fully automated Unsupervised Classification to Change (UC-Change) technique, 2) increase the spatial and temporal resolution of forest change maps, and 3) develop new ways of extracting information applicable to sustainable forestry planning and decision making, such as information about changes in stand composition in areas affected by logging and forest fires.

Seun Oluwadare

Temitope is currently a postdoctoral fellow. He got his Master's degree in Physics (M.Sc) from the University of Jos, Nigeria, and a Doctorate degree in Space Geodesy and Information Science from the Technische Universität Berlin, Germany. His research focus was on Upper Atmospheric disturbances and Traveling Ionospheric Disturbances (TID) using Space Geodetic techniques such as Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), and Constellation Observing Systems for Meteorology, Ionosphere, and Climate (COSMIC) Satellites.

His postdoctoral research is focused on Earth observation (EO) to detect, and predict natural disaster (Flood, Landslide, wildfire, Climate change impact) events using time-series satellite data, including optical (UAV, Landsat, and Sentinel-2), and Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning (DL). His research goals among others are to develop ML and DL models capable of taking in satellite / UAV images as input, then detect landslides and predict classified labels as the output. In addition, to develop a hybrid ML model capable of forecasting natural disasters of interest in a given investigated geographical area.

Visiting Scholars


Dr. Yuan is an associate professor from the College of Land Science & Technology, China University of Geosciences (Beijing). His research interests focus on using geospatial datasets (e.g., satellite images and mobile data) and spatial analysis techniques to study dynamic patterns of urban land use/cover and socioeconomic activities. In recent years, he has been working on human mobility and city connectivity by integrating mobile and satellite data, trying to know how they interact with each other.

Student Name              Degree Type             Year                                    Position after LaGISA

Shaoqi Gong              Visiting Scholar        2021.7-2023.7               Associate Professor at NUIST, China

Hossain, Mohammad      Ph.D.                 2016.9 - 2023.9              Teaching fellow at Queen's

Wenji Hu                           BSc                  2022.9 - 2023.4             Master student at UBC

Ibrahim Adeniran    Visiting Ph.D.             2023.1 - 2023.6            Ph.D student at HK Polytechnic Univ.

Cheng, Yi                  Visiting PhD              2021.10-2022.10           Ph.D at Institute of GSNRR, CAS. China      

Sirikul Hutasavi               Ph.D.                     2017.1- 2022.6          Geoinformatic specialist at GSTDA, Thailand 

Shahab E. Jozdani          Ph.D                     2019.1-2022.5             Senior scientist at Lim Geomatics

Jingheng Yan                   BSc                      2021.9-2022.4            MSc student at Queen's

Philippe Tousignant          BA                       2021.9-2022.1           MSc student at Univ. of South California

Jaden Zhang                     BSc                    2020/5-2021/4             MSc student at Univ. of Western Ontario

Michael Burnett                 MSc                   2019/9-2021/5               Research Scientist/Analyst at UBC

Matthew Senshen             MSc                   2019/9-2021/5                     Data Analyst at Environics Analytics

Xin Wang                       Visiting Ph.D     2019/9-2020/9           Faculty member at Chengdu Tech.&Science Univ.

Christopher Radford            MSc                   2017/9-2020/6                    Software engineer

Bruna Cristina Gallo        Visiting Ph.D       2019/1-2019/7                   Ph.D at Univ. of Campinas, Brazil

Feng Yao                           Ph.D                      2015/9-2019/5           PDF at the Institute of Geog./NR, CAS

Katherine Woodstock        MSc                    2016/9-2019/4                Data analyst, Yukon Government

Mingjie Song                   Ph.D                 2013/9-2018/3            Faculty member at Huazhong Normal University

Alexander Harrison          Undergraduate     2018/5-2018/12            GIS analysts at Resource Canada

Alex Boone                      MSc                     2015/9-2017/7                        GIS analysts at GHD Inc.

Jingyi Liu                           MES                    2015/9-2017/12                  Data analyst at GE Electric Ltd.

Caua Guilherme Miranda  Visiting M.Sc.      2017/1-2017/6                   M.Sc. at University of Campinas

Sian Powell                BA                            2017/1-2017/4          GIS internship at Ministry of Transportation

Erik Wright                 BA                          2016/9-2016/12                       GIS technician at AECOM

Xiaoying Ouyang        Visiting scholar        2016/11-2017/11                     Researcher at IRSA, CAS

Kun Xu                      BA                             2015/9-2016/4                   Student at Flemming College

Olivia RoDee Undergraduate 2015/1-2015/4 M.Sc student at University of Arizona
Jie Yu Visiting Ph.D from Tongji University 2014/9-2015/9 Ph.D at Tongji University
Su Ye MES 2013/9-2015/6 Ph.D student at Clark University
Jie Yu MA 2014 A Ph.D student at Queen
Jason Lao Undergraduate 2013/9-2014/4 GIS technician in UAV industry
Xiuying Zhang Visiting Scholar 2013/8-2014/9 Associate professor at Nanjing University, China
Nicki Kwon Co-supervised M.Sc. 2013/1-2015/2 Data analyst at the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care
Masoor Hussain PDF 2011/4-2015/6 Senior scientist at PCI
Harkiran Kaur Co-supervised MES 2012/9-2015/1 GIS analyst at Natural Resource Canada
Angela Cheng M.Sc. 2011/9-2015/10 Physical scientist at Environment Canada
Andrei Rosu M.Sc. 2011/9-2014/12 GIS analyst at Natural Resource Canada
Brad Holmes Undergraduate 2013/9-2014/4 Graduate student at SURP
Fengxia Gu Visiting Scholar 2013/3-2014/3 Professor at Shandong University of Science and Technology, China
Haydi Wong NSERC USRA 2012/9-2013/8 Hired as a GIS technician by the Loyalist Township
Heather Richardson Undergraduate 2012/9-2013/6 Became a M.Sc. student at Tomposon Rivers University
Rezvan Taki M.Sc. 2011/9-2012/9 unknown
Lin Zhang M.Sc. summer student 2011 A Ph.D student at University of Guelph
Jessica Stortz Co-supervised M.Sc. 2010/9-2013/7 Research coordinator at University of British Columbia
Frank Wen M.Sc. 2010/6-2012/9 Product engineer by Engineering Seismology Group, Kingston
Lei Wang PDF 2010/1-2012/2 Hired as a GIS specialist by Sky Power
Jianhui Chen Co-supervised M.Sc. 2010 Hired as a database analyst by Ontario Hydro
Tyler Nightingale Undergraduate 2010  
Zhijie Zhang PDF 2009/9/-2011/6 Associate Professor at Fudan University, China
Muthiah Arvind Undergraduate 2008  
Grace Miao Co-supervised Ph.D 2007/9-2013/4 Researcher at Public Health Canada
Tamara E/ Hartrick Undergraduate 2007  
Peter Luciani Ph.D 2006-2012 Currently a GIS technician at City of Mississauga
Wenbao Liu Ph.D 2006-2012 Professor at Shandong University of Science and Technology, China
Andrew Farrar NSERC USRA 2006  
Jurai Nunez Ph.D 2005-2006 Unknown
Rocco Mattucci NSERC USRA 2005  
Yaxiong Chen Undergraduate 2005 Hired as a database technician by IBM Canada
Jamie FitzGibbon M.Sc. 2004/9-2006/6 Hired as a field engineer by the Optech
Jie Tian Ph.D, PDF 2003/9-2008/06 Assistant professor at Clarke University, US
Hui Wei M.Sc. 2002/9-2005/4 Hired as a GIS specialist by ESRI Canada
Suzanne Li Undergraduate    
Jessica Matthews Undergraduate    
Jessey Chudiak Undergraduate    
Chris Vandyk Undergraduate