Human Rights Advisory Services

Human Rights Advisory Services
Human Rights Advisory Services


Campus Security

Community members can report any hate incidents (propaganda, slurs, harassment, email harassment, etc.) to Campus Security. Posters, email/phone messages, or other evidence of hate material should not be deleted or destroyed until Security staff have had a chance to review them. In cases of hate propaganda, especially involving organized groups such as the Heritage Front, Security will forward copies of the offensive material to the Kingston Police. In cases involving discrimination or harassment, victims may also be referred, with their consent, to the Human Rights Office.

Campus Security: 613-533-6733   |  FAX: 613-533-6198 |  Emergencies Only: 613-533-6111

Kingston Police

In cooperation with the community, the Kingston Police provides police services which contribute to the maintenance of peace, order, and public safety. The Kingston Police values the diversity of the community and the right of all people to be treated with dignity and respect. Among its many services, the Kingston Police has offices specially trained to recognize and address hate activity. They also have a Kingston Police Services Board Advisory Committee on Race Relations.

Emergencies:  9-1-1 / Non-Emergency Telephone: 613-549-4660| Administration Fax: 613-549-3111 | Operations Fax: 613-549-7111

Queen's Human Rights Office

The Human Rights Office is an independent office at Queen's, whose mandate is to provide advice, support, and resources, to any community member with concerns in the area of human rights. The Office is mandated to prevent discrimination on these and similar grounds, as well as to educate the Queen's community about human rights issues. The Human Rights office provides a number of services. The office can provide staff, students and faculty with:

  • Copies of Queen's harassment and discrimination policies and procedures
  • Advice regarding internal human rights issues, policies and procedures
  • Library resources
  • Workshops and educational training
  • Referrals to other agencies when appropriate
  • Sexual Harassment, Anti-Racism and Anti-Heterosexism and Sexual and Gender Diversity Coordinators are available for consultation. Consulting an advisor does not mean that you are lodging a complaint.

For more information, contact the Human Rights Office at 533-6886, or by email at

SGPS Advisors

The SGPS Student Advisors offer advice and advocacy services to graduate and professional students in issues concerning their well-being while here at Queen's. In addition, they act as an effective referral service for issues and needs that fall outside of our jurisdiction or expertise. 

Phone: 613.533.3169

AMS Peer Support Centre

The AMS Peer Support Centre offers confidential peer-based support to all students. Drop-in to the JDUC room 34 or call 613-533-6000 ext 75111 between 2:00-11:30pm, 7 days a week. We also offer support groups.

Social Issues Commission

The Social Issues Commission is committed to designing and developing projects and educational campaigns intended to heighten awareness on a wide variety of social and human rights issues. The Commission is a safe space for people of all ages, abilities, sexual orientation, race and ethnic background, religious affiliations and socio economic status. The Commission also houses the Committee Against Racism and Ethnic Discrimination (CARED) and the Education on Queer Issues Project (EQUIP).

John Deutsch University Centre (JDUC)
Open Monday to Friday (8am to 5pm)
Tel: 533-6000, ext. 74816

The Education on Queer Issues Project

EQuIP lobbies for issues affecting lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-identified rights. It also works to educate the Queen's student body, in an effort to foster a positive and accepting environment in the heterosexual community.

LGBT YouthLine

The LGBT YouthLine offers peer-based support, information and referrals specific to your concerns. Call 1-800-268-9668 from 4:00-9:30pm, Sunday to Friday.

Committee Against Racism and Ethnic Discrimination (CARED)

C.A.R.E.D. has a combined focus of education and advocacy in order to take an affirmative stand against racism and discrimination in the Queen's community and beyond. C.A.R.E.D. strives to provide a positive space for racial and ethnic minorities to discuss issues surrounding racism and also supports the initiatives of cultural groups at Queen's University. The efforts of C.A.R.E.D. help to sustain a comfortable and tolerant environment for all members of the University. Email:

The Equity Office

The Equity Office is mandated to review and recommend revision to existing policies or new policies in relation to both educational and employment equity, and monitor the University's effectiveness in the administration and implementation of these policies. The Office gives a strong voice at the highest levels of Queen's University's commitment to the achievement of equity.

Queen's Student Wellness Services 

Queen's Student Wellness Services offers assistance to Queen's student seeking personal counselling, learning disability assessment and counselling. Student counselling also has a staff specializing in aboriginal counselling, cross-cultural counselling, and counselling for lesbian/gay/bisexual/trans-identified students.

  • La Salle Building (across from Chown Hall)
  • Open Monday-Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm
  • tel: 533-2893

Telephone Aid Line Kingston (TALK)

TALK offers a non-judgmental, confidential and anonymous listening service. It is staffed by trained volunteers who believe that listening can be a valuable service for anyone. It also provides workshops on active listening skills and crisis response techniques.

PO Box 1325
Kingston, ON
K7L 5C6
Open Everyday, 7pm-7am
tel: 544-1771