Inquiry@Queen's 18th Annual Undergraduate Research Conference galaxy poster

Promoting Undergraduate Research

The 18th annual Inquiry@Queen’s Undergraduate Research conference will take place March 7-8, 2024 in Stauffer Library.

The 2024 program and the 2024 schedule are now available.

Our keynote speaker for the 18th Annual I@Q Conference is Dr. Jane Philpott. The keynote will be presented in Stauffer Library Room 014 on March 7 from 10:30am to 12:00pm.

Photo of Dr. Jane Philpott

I@Q is more than a conference; it is an approach to learning where the teacher and the learner reside in the same person. It is a natural extension of a university that prides itself on the quality of undergraduate education and its scholarship and research. It is the signature learning experience at Queen's University.

This year, we are excited to launch a new prize that will be associated with I@Q. The Vice-Principal Research Undergraduate Prize is a crucial step in recognizing and nurturing the research talents of undergraduate students. This prize will celebrate academic rigour, reinforce the commitment to teaching and research integration, and elevate the profile of undergraduate research at Queen’s University.  The Vice-Principal Research Undergraduate Prize will award $1000 each to the recipients of the top two papers presented at the Inquiry at Queen’s conference, as evaluated by graduate student adjudicators.  

The 2024 I@Q conference consists of seven presentation sessions, a poster session, and a keynote address. We invite you to attend as many of the sessions as you can and to pose challenging questions to our presenters and panelists. Later this year, all the presentations, panels, and posters will be published in the 2024 I@Q Conference Proceedings. 


The 17th Annual I@Q Conference in March 2023 took place in Stauffer Library to promote and showcase undergraduate research and creative work. All submissions were documented in the official online Inquiry@Queen's conference proceedings and made publicly accessible.  

2024 I@Q banner image created by Emma Bullerwell, Queen's University Library.