Inquiry@Queen's Undergraduate Research Conference Proceedings

Other Undergraduate Research Journals

Politicus (Queen's University)

Politicus was established in 2014. Initially published within the confines of international affairs, the mandate of the journal has since expanded to encapsulate the wider discipline of political studies. Our yearly volumes aim to capture innovative thought from our undergraduate community.

Queen's Journal of Indigenous Studies

QJIS is committed to promoting inclusive values at Queen's University. In partnering with a number of Indigenous and consultative bodies on campus, QJIS encourages respectful, productive, and culturally appropriate discussions relevant to Indigenous studies. QJIS provides an academic platform for undergraduate research to openly explore pertinent topics regarding the institutional barriers, challenges and realities for diverse Indigenous peoples in the colonial state.

Queen's Science Undergraduate Research Journal (QSURJ)

QSURJ is an online peer-reviewed and faculty-reviewed undergraduate research journal. We are a student-run initiative with the purpose of providing undergraduate students opportunities to publish research in a professional academic setting. We encourage students to actively engage in the research field while at Queen's University, and provide opportunities for students to gain experience in submitting and publishing a manuscript while improving their academic research profile.

The Undergraduate Review (Queen's University)

Founded in 1987 as the university’s first arts serial, the Undergraduate Review started out publishing essays from students within ArtSci. Since then, the magazine has evolved into a wonderfully multi-faceted celebration of Queen’s creativity, providing a platform for all manners of artistic expression. Every year, we curate and print what amounts to a comprehensive yearbook of Queen’s best undergraduate artistry. But it’s more than just the magazine—it’s about cultivating Queen’s artistic community. 

Reinvention: An International Journal of Undergraduate Research (University of Warwick, Monash University)