Inquiry at Queen's

Inquiry at Queen's
Inquiry at Queen's

Inquiry@Queen's goes virtual: 2021 program 

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Inquiry@Queen’s is more than a conference; it is an approach to learning where the teacher and the learner reside in the same person. It is a natural extension of a university that prides itself on the quality of undergraduate education and its scholarship and research. 

In a world of ubiquitous and competing information, the ability to pose critical questions and forge a path to answer them has never been more important. The benefits of inquiry are reported in numerous studies. Students who engage in inquiry projects are better able to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information; develop discipline-specific research skills; persist and make intellectual and personal gains; demonstrate greater problem-solving and research skills; and are more satisfied with their overall educational experience.

The 15th annual I@Q conference will take place online to promote and showcase undergraduate research and creative work. All submissions will be documented in the official online Inquiry@Queen's conference proceedings and made publicly accessible within a formal publication. Please consider sharing your work with our community and with the world. It will mark a milestone in your learning experience!

Please see the conference page for details.