Saleh Sassoon Mahlab: Jewish Muslim Dialogue Project

The Department of Jewish Studies is committed to encouraging ongoing interfaith dialogue. Funding is provided from the Archie Bennett Dialogue Project Fund and the Saleh Sassoon Mahlab Fund in Jewish Muslim Relations to offer the following courses:

Courses Taught

  • Diaspora and Feminisms in Jewish and Islamic Contexts
  • Jewish, Arab, and World Civilization until 1492
  • Comparative Diasporas: Palestinians and Israelis Abroad, 1880 to present
  • Scripture in Judaism and Islam
  • Palestine/Israel: One Land, Many Narratives
  • Jews and Muslims in Modern Europe: The Enlightenment origins of antisemitism and Islamophobia
  • Under Crescent and Cross: Modern Jewish History in Europe and in the Middle East
  • Messiahs, Mystics, and Martyrs in Muslim and Jewish Religious Culture
  • Muslim and Jewish Societies in the Premodern Mediterranean World