Management Structure

Program Committee

The LEADERS CREATE is governed by a Program Committee (PC) and management personnel. The PC will consist of six voting individuals, one representative each from industry (Douglas Wilton, TECTA PDS), government (Dr. Pascale Champagne, NRC) and non-government organization (Mark Boone, Quinte Conservation). The Committee also consists of the Director of the Beaty Water Research Centre (Dr. Ryan Mulligan), a representative of the Contaminants of Concern Research Excellence Network (Jyoti Kotecha, Director of Operations) and a student representative (Sarah Lavallee, Environmental Studies, Queen's University). Stephen Brown will also serve as the initial chair in a non-voting role.

The PC will meet at the start of the award and then at least once per year to set the strategic direction of the LEADERS CREATE to ensure the training goals of the program remain relevant to the stakeholder organizations and to assess the outcomes of the program. The strategic direction of the project, as determined by the PC, will be communicated to all researchers and stakeholders, with an emphasis on encouraging innovative and unique opportunities for student participants. Program evaluation will fall under the responsibilities of the PC. 


Program Committee Structure