The objectives of the program are to establish a world-leading interdisciplinary, collaborative training program combining research and industrial activities to prepare students for LEADERShip roles in the water sector. Specifically:

1. To provide an educational environment that stresses collaboration and teamwork to address key watershed problems, while fostering the development of critical professional skills involved in translating research outcomes to the field.

2. To provide trainees with learning opportunities in industrial, governmental and nongovernmental organizations (through internships and collaborative research) in order to expand their skills and perspectives beyond the Canadian academic research environment.

3. To produce a unique cohort of problem-solving, academic and experientially trained LEADERS who are eager and prepared to work in multidisciplinary teams while addressing complex issues in the water sector.


                                                           Contaminants of Emerging Concern Research Excellence Network                          Beaty Water Research Centre

The LEADERS project is affiliated with the Contaminants of Emerging Concern Research Excellence Network (CEC-REN) and the Beaty Water Research Centre (BWRC). The LEADERS project co-applicants, as a group, have expertise that covers three watershed sustainability focus areas, including links to non-NSE stakeholders in policy and sustainable watershed management. The co-applicants will work jointly to ensure the LEADERS objectives are met through courses, internship opportunities, conferences, workshops, and community outreach. These activities will be in classrooms, at field sites including associated field stations, and in online communities.