Ana Gisell Pazmino-Sosa

Ana Gisell Pazmino-Sosa

Ph.D. Candidate

Civil Engineering

Queen's University


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Supervisor(s): Pascale Champagne 

Research Project: Role of algae in enhancing the photobiological degradation of POC

Understanding the degradation mechanisms for different classes of POCs by different algal species under temperate region conditions is essential for implementing algal systems for small and remote systems. This project will undertake lab scale reactor studies to determine the photodegradation pathways that can be enhanced by algae. Model POCs will include common compounds detected in wastewater Ourococcus multisporus, Nannochloris sp, Senedesmus spp, Chlamydomonas and Chlorella vulgaris will be cultivated in 2L photobioreactors. For kinetic photodegradation experiments, batch experiment will be carried out in triplicate in 15-day cycles and radiation intensity and photoperiod will be constant (12 hours, 27.4 μmol/m2/s), while pH (5-10), temperature (5-20oC), OM (humic acid, 0-30 mg/L), NO3 (0-10 mg/L) and POC (0-1 mg/L) will be varied. In seasonal effects experiments, temperature, radiation intensity and photoperiod will be varied to mimic the diurnal cycles expected in a temperate climate. POCs and by-product identification will be carried out by GC/MS, HPLC/MS or UV/VIS/NIR. Growth and ecotoxicology assays, and extracellular polymeric substances (EPS), carotenoids, chlorophyll and pigments measurements will be performed based on established procedures Moreover, identification of photodegradation by-products will be carried out by isotope fractionation.

Azizi D, Arif ABlair D, Dionne J, Filion Y, Ouarda Y, Pazmino AG, Pulicharia R, Rilstone V, Tiwari B, Vignale L, Brar SK, Champagne P, Drogui P, Langlois VS, Blais JF. (2021) A comprehensive review on current technologies for removal of endocrine disrupting chemicals from wastewaters. Environmental Research, 112196.