March 18th, 2020 

Speaker(s): 2019 NSERC Brockhouse Canada Prize Winners

Title: "Wholly Green: Sustainability Through a Systems Approach" 

Time: 2:20 PM 

Location: Mitchell Hall, Rm. 351

Queen's University Faculty Pascale Champagne (Civil & Chemical Engineering), Philip Jessop (Chemistry), Michael Cunningham (Chemistry and Chemical Engineering) and Warren Mabee (Policy Studies) will speak about their interdisciplinary research in science and engineering. They have developed cleaner processes for chemistry and engineering, created bio-based replacements for petroleum sourced plastics, and designed brand new methods for generating geographically appropriate resources. 

Brockhouse Canada Prize for Interdisciplinary Research in Science and Engineering recognizes outstanding Canadian teams of researchers from different disciplines who came together to engage in research drawing on their combined knowledge and skills, and produced a record of excellent achievements in the natural sciences and engineering in the last six years.

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