It is common for students looking for housemates or to fill houses to post on the different Off-Campus Housing social media groups. You can answer ads posted there, or post your own ad looking for housemates. It is always advised to take some time to get to know your potential housemates before signing a lease agreement with them. Have the conversation early on about expectations; house cleanliness, quiet hours, parties, friends/partners staying overnight, managing chores, etc. See if your potential housemates align with what you are looking for in a house before committing because once you sign a lease agreement, you are committed to that unit.


There are also different student run social media groups for different classes. 


Please note that the following pages are not affiliated with Queen's University.


Off-Campus Housing Facebook pages:

Queen's University Off-Campus Housing

Queen's University Student Housing - Kingston 

Class of 2024 Pages

Facebook - Class of 2024

IG - @queensu2024

Class of 2025 Pages

Facebook - Class of 2025

IG - @queensuni2025

Class of 2026 Pages

Facebook - Class of 2026

IG - @queens.2026

Facebook - Class of 2027

IG- @queens2027official

Queen's University Reddit

Kijiji - Roommates

Queen's University Discord

Queen’s University – AMS - CLUBS

These are some great places to start your housemate search and get your name out there. Your program may also have social media pages, and it would be worth looking into if any of your classmates are looking for housemates. It will take a bit of work, looking around, and staying active on these pages; but it will be well worth it.

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