Spring is here! The longer days, sunshine, birdsong, melting snow, and mud are all indicators that the warm weather is coming. After a long winter trapped in your home, it can get pretty dirty and cluttered. With term end fast approaching, it could be a great time to clean up your home, declutter, and potentially prepare for your move out. If you are moving out, a spring clean can really help with the workload.

Clean up around your yard - With the snow receding, it is common to find garbage and recycling that was trapped within. Take a hour or two to walk around your yard picking up any items that you find and dispose of them responsibly. Not sure how to properly sort your garbage, compost, and recycling? Visit the City of Kingston's Household Waste page.

Put away the winter gear - March can still have colder days and some snow, but the days of -20 below are behind us. You may not need all of your winter clothes apart from your trusty jacket, boots, and a pair of gloves. Getting a box or plastic bin to place and store the majority of your winter gear will help you come moving time. It will also free up space in your closet and in front of the doorway!

Mud season - We are all happy to see the sunshine and snow melt but it unfortunately creates a lot of mud and water. Keep your front entranceway looking great by purchasing a shoe rack or boot tray. This will save you from needing to constantly clean up water and mud from your floors. Make sure your housemates and guests know to never wear shoes in the house, especially in the spring time!

Change that furnace filter - If your home is heated by a furnace, you will have a filter that filters the air being pumped through the house. After a stuffy winter time with no windows open, it could likely use a change. If your landlord is responsible for changing this, ask them about it. If you wish to change it yourself, ask your landlord about it first. It is very easy, simply slide out the old furnace filter, and slide in a new one. The furnace filter will require a specific size, standard is 16x25x1 but you can confirm this by checking the pre-existing filter or asking your landlord.

Declutter and remove items you don't need - Over the winter months, you may have accumulated some things that you do not necessarily need or are not using. Consider donating items to local charities or even to other students in the student community. Go through your house and remove excess garbage, recycling, or clutter. This will help you next month if you plan to move.

Full clean - Once you have removed any excess garbage, recycling, and have decluttered, it's time to clean. Give your entire home some attention. Split this up between your housemates by giving everyone a room to clean. Wipe down the walls, floors, and surfaces.

Fresh air! - On the first sunny and warm day, open a few windows to allow some fresh air into the home. Just be sure to close them up before any rain or colder weathers comes

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