Student Privacy

Queen’s University’s collection of personal information is authorized by its Royal Charter of 1841, as amended.  Personal information is collected for the purpose of admissions, registration, academic progress, and administering University programs, university-related student services and activities, activities of student societies, safety, financial assistance and awards, and advancement, and will be used for those or consistent purposes. Personal information may be disclosed to and used by employees of the University who need the information in the performance of their duties.

In order that applicants and students can form expectations regarding the use and disclosure of their personal information, the following are some examples of the uses and disclosures of personal information which relate to the execution of various functions of the University.  This description is not exhaustive.  The University’s size, range of programs and activities results in many constantly evolving, multi-faceted linkages and relationships in the execution of its mandate.  Students’ interactions with the University will generally span several years, and each student’s unique experience, and personal information requirements, will be determined by the student’s choices from the many offerings available.

For more information regarding Access and Privacy please refer to the Office of the University Registrar