How do I Accommodate Students in onQ?

Course Level Accommodations

Currently course level accommodations are only available for the Quiz tool, but will eventually be rolled out for other tools including Assignments.

This feature enables instructors to grant learners accommodations through the Classlist tool. Instructors can set quiz time extensions and multipliers which will persist across all quizzes in a course. Additionally, they can ‘always allow right click’ a common requirement for students that use assistive technology to access their quizzes. 

View: Set Quiz Accommodations at the Course Level.

Special Access Accommodations

Special access allows you provide alternative content or time limits to individual users or groups of users to accommodate special needs. For example, you can use special access to accommodate individuals who need additional time writing a quiz because of a physical or learning disability or you can use special access to set up a restricted Assignment folder for individuals who missed or under-performed on an assignment.

The are two types of special access:

  1. Restrict access to a Quiz, Survey, or Assignment folder to specific students.
  2. Assign an alternative time restrictions on a Quiz, Survey, or Assignment for specific students.

The Quiz, Survey, and Assignment tools allow time-restrictions to be set on content and, therefore, use special access to allow alternative time limits. For step by step instructions on giving students special access click the links below: