Please note: Aropa will cease operating on July 1st 2024

What is Aropä?

Aropä is a web-based tool that supports peer review of assignments. Aropa can be used for students to provide formative or summative feedback and/or grades to each other. There is also an additional option that allows the student feedback to be graded by students, TA's, or by an instructor.

Is Aropä integrated with onQ?

The link to Aropä can be added to your course from onQ but this is NOT a full integration.  Students have to be manually added to the classlist using their NetIDs which can be exported from the grade book.  At the end of the peer-review process, the grades have to be downloaded from Aropä and uploaded into the onQ grade book.

How does it work?

Instructions on how to use Aropä and frequently asked questions are available in the documents below.

What is the maximum file size you can upload to Aropa?

The maximum file size is 15 MB.

Instructions for Students 

To request an account with Aropä or find out more information contact:
Centre for Teaching and Learning